“La Victoria and El Agustino: Alliances for a Circular Economy” project

The “La Victoria and El Agustino: Alliances for a Circular Economy” project, for the next 30 months, has the Solidarity Association of Emerging Countries – ASPEm, the Labor Association for Development – ADEC ATC, the National Society of Industries – SNI, La Victoria municipality and El Agustino municipality as executing partners and is funded by the European Union. Our general goal is to contribute to a sustainable city, promoting a comprehensive ecological transition with a low carbon economy in the municipalities of La Victoria and El Agustino, in Metropolitan Lima. For this, we will seek that the public and private actors involved, and in alliance, use and spread the principles of the circular economy in the management of their organizations, in the districts of La Victoria and El Agustino promoting the active participation of the recyclers associations, the micro and small enterprises (MSEs) of the Gamarra commercial emporium and supply markets, the industrial sector member of the SNI, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Production, academic and innovation institutions and consumers.

We aim to achieve that 75 officials and technical personnel from the municipalities of La Victoria and El Agustino (40% women) incorporate the principles of circular economy in their efforts and programs, and promote public policies aimed at transforming their district into a sustainable city with a low carbon economy; ensure that at least 160 drivers and workers of MSEs of Gamarra commercial emporium and food markets (60% women) incorporate good practices of circular economy in the development of their economic activities of commercialization and production; and that 20 associations of business men and women linked to Gamarra commercial emporium, Modelo fruit market and supply markets of the districts of La Victoria and El Agustino join the industries, and together promote more and more value chains with strategies of circular economy. The project is betting for the strengthening of 8 recyclers’ associations (4 from La Victoria district and 4 from El Agustino district), about 160 associates (60% women), so that they continue their formalization process, improve their recycling practices and be linked to circular value chains.

The project will promote articulation spaces between the industries associated with the National Society of Industries, the MSEs of the Gamarra commercial emporium, the supply markets of El Agustino, the Municipal governments of La Victoria and El Agustino, who together with the Ministry of Environment will have greater capacities and competence to achieve alliances aimed at promoting the ecological transition, environment protecting and climate change mitigation.


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